No need to worry about your health – convenient quick tests let you monitor your health anytime!

HEALTH TESTSFeeling weird and want to know what’s causing it? If you don’t have access to a GP at the moment, you can test yourself at home for peace of mind using convenient and easy health tests.

Tests for every case

Often, health monitoring is neglected for the simple reason that it is difficult to find time to see a doctor, or the queues are too long. Medifum’ s rapid tests give you the chance to test yourself in the comfort of your own home and find out if you have an egg, cat or milk allergy, or if your problems are caused by an iron or vitamin D deficiency – there are tests for almost every condition.

Lyme disease is an insidious disease

Summer is here and insidious ticks are on the move. A rapid test for Lyme disease detects Lyme borreliosis infection in the blood caused by tick bites. The tick test should be done as soon as you have had a tick on your skin or if you have developed at least one of the symptoms of Lyme disease:

  • skin rash;
  • fatigue;
  • flu-like symptoms: muscle aches, fever, headache, chills;
  • nausea, weight loss;
  • pains in the arms, legs, neck or back, paralysis of the face.

There is even more choice

The general health of the individual is also important, with options such as the male fertility test and the ovulation rapid test. Also available is the Urinary Tract Infection Detection Test – a simple, quick and reliable home test that helps both women and men to detect early signs of urinary tract infection, or bacterial infection.

COVID-19 antibody test also available

Although the number of people infected with the coronavirus has been on the decline recently, its existence should not be overlooked. Medifum also offers a COVID-19 antibody test, which differs from a standard antigen test in that it detects the presence of antibodies that come either from the infection or from the vaccine. With this test, you can find out if you have had the virus or if the antibodies from the vaccine are still in your body.

A rapid antibody test is recommended no earlier than 3 weeks after an outbreak or vaccination. On the Medifum website you will find detailed instructions on how to do the test and what to look out for.

Feel free to ask for advice!

It is worth bearing in mind that health tests are only intended as an initial self-test and are not intended to diagnose. You should consult your own doctor before making any important medical decisions.

It is not worth waiting for health problems to be solved – you must act now. If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail ( or by calling 630 7050.

For every product purchased, we contribute 3.33% of its price to local forests. Each customer also has the option to make the same contribution in their shopping basket. So far, our clients have helped to plant nearly 30 000 new trees in Estonia, on land that has otherwise stood idle.

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