Medical protective masks

Medical masks prevent the spread of airborne infections between people.

Surgical masks have been proven to protect both the user and bystanders.

The longest wearing time of a protective jacket is 4h.

Its surface may then carry the virus – it is recommended to replace the protective mask after 4 hours as required.
What is the difference between Type I and Type II masks?
The BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) of type I and type I R face masks is 95%, the BFE of type II and type II R face masks is 98%.

Type I R and Type II R masks have exactly the same breathability and splash resistance.

Type I, Type I R, Type II and Type II R masks are medical masks that are tested in the exhalation direction (from the inside out) and the efficiency of filtering bacteria is taken into account.

This type of surgical mask prevents the wearer from infecting the surrounding environment.

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    Medical protective mask, TYPE IIR, black, 50pcs 2,50

    Medical Protective Mask, Black, Type IIR is a high quality and reliable protective device that provides effective protection against viruses and bacteria. The black colour gives the mask a stylish and professional look.

    • Mask type: TYPE IIR Non-Sterile(BFE protection ? 98%)
    • Maximum operating time 4 h
    • Comfortable elastic band at the back of the ear
    • Size: 95 x 175 (mm)

    Package: 50 pcs.

    • Effective Protection: Type IIR masks provide excellent protection against aerosols and droplets that may contain viruses and bacteria.
    • Breathable Material: made of high quality, multi-layered and breathable material that ensures comfort while wearing.
    • Elastic ear tips: elastic and comfortable ear tips ensure that the mask stays firmly in place.
    • Black Colour: The stylish black colour will suit any wardrobe and is suitable for any occasion.

    To protect yourself and others, be sure to take a look at our range of quick tests!

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