Protective masks – why wear them?

Protective goggles – Wearing these is an extra precaution if you need to go where other people are.

Masks and their wearing will help to reduce the spread of the virus, especially in public places such as shops, pharmacies, medical facilities, public transport, etc.

Masks are generally not necessary for wearing at home and outdoors.

Whatever the mask is, or however effective its filtering capacity, it becomes of little importance if it is not used in conjunction with other preventive measures, in particular avoidance of close contact, regular hand hygiene and staying at home.

There are different types of protection:

Medical TYPEI, TYPE2 and TYPE2R masks
FFP2 and FFP3 respirators
Reusable fabric masks

They all have different purposes and depending on the environment and the need, it makes sense to wear them in different places.

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    Medical protective mask, TYPE IIR, black, 50pcs 2,50

    Medical Protective Mask, Black, Type IIR is a high quality and reliable protective device that provides effective protection against viruses and bacteria. The black colour gives the mask a stylish and professional look.

    • Mask type: TYPE IIR Non-Sterile(BFE protection ? 98%)
    • Maximum operating time 4 h
    • Comfortable elastic band at the back of the ear
    • Size: 95 x 175 (mm)

    Package: 50 pcs.

    • Effective Protection: Type IIR masks provide excellent protection against aerosols and droplets that may contain viruses and bacteria.
    • Breathable Material: made of high quality, multi-layered and breathable material that ensures comfort while wearing.
    • Elastic ear tips: elastic and comfortable ear tips ensure that the mask stays firmly in place.
    • Black Colour: The stylish black colour will suit any wardrobe and is suitable for any occasion.

    To protect yourself and others, be sure to take a look at our range of quick tests!

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