is the official Bebble importer and distributor.

Why choose Bebble products for your child?

Bebble’s safe and approved range of products ensures complete and daily skin care for your baby from day one.

  • Your baby’s skin is soft, thin and delicate.
  • It quickly loses its moisture because it does not yet have the protective properties of adult skin.

Bebble knows this, and takes gentle care of baby’s skin – from day one.

Bebble products are created for:

  • Specially selected ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic fragrances
  • Natural oils and plant extracts.

Bebble has been working with mothers for years to incorporate their wants, needs and concerns into products at different stages of baby’s development.

The products are manufactured and tested according to strict European standards.

The products have been dermatologically tested to ensure their suitability for baby skin and the ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure gentle but effective action.

Take care of your baby and choose mild, hypoallergenic products with the best combinations of plant extracts, natural oils and vitamins.

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