Introducing AIRBIOTIC24 - the latest solution for keeping any room clean.

Millions of pathogenic bacteria surround us every day.

Pathogens are various microorganisms, which include fungi, viruses, bacteria, as well as specific proteins – prions, which can cause pathological conditions in other living beings.

Particles of dead cells

Every second, particles of dead cells fall off our skin, this process is invisible to us, but particles of hair and skin remain in our homes, attaching primarily to textiles: carpets, curtains, soft furniture, pillows.


Severe allergic reactions, rhinitis, bronchial asthma, etc.

Chemical components of detergents

Chemical active ingredients in detergents cause significant damage to human, animal and plant health.


Diseases of the organs and nervous system, destruction of immunity, pollution of the environment.

Pathogenic bacteria from the street

Pathogenic bacteria enter our homes from the outside – we bring them from the street with our shoes, clothes, bags and gloves.


Several skin diseases, respiratory diseases, migraine, weakness, joint and rheumatic diseases, allergies.

Fighting bacteria with household detergents is not the solution

Widespread disinfection methods harm the health of adults, children and animals. They can cause allergic reactions, irritation of mucous membranes and chronic diseases when the substances accumulate in the body.

!  Chemical burns on mucous membranes and lungs

!  Various allergies and skin irritations

! Complete destruction of microflora – both harmful and beneficial microbes

Introducing AIRBIOTIC24 – the latest solution for keeping any room clean.

An innovative solution that includes the benefits of disinfecting all rooms without causing negative consequences for residents.


100% natural and environmentally friendly. Does not irritate the mucous membrane and is safe for all family members: humans and animals.


1 refill capsule contains 50,000,000 probiotic bacteria per ml and works with an automatic timer. The good bacteria that enter the environment when sprayed repel bad bacteria and create a healthy microflora in the room. Thanks to the effect of Airbiotic24, the time required for cleaning is reduced by 2-7 times and cleaning costs by 20%.

A 100 ml capsule lasts for 1.5-2 months. The effect area of the sprayer is 50 m2.
NB! Only original capsules work in the dispenser. Filling capsules are sold in packs of 1, 2 and 4.


Removes dirt, unpleasant odors, harmful bacteria, dust, allergens and reduces the accumulation of static dirt and the risk of contracting viral infections. The number of bed and dust mites decreases 5 times in just a week, thanks to which the probability of allergy and asthma attacks decreases by 80%.


The ultrasonic spray layer creates an ultra-thin layer on the surface and does it almost silently because it is battery powered.

AIRBIOTIC24 helps to get rid of:


Many people are susceptible to viral diseases, especially the flu epidemic. We come into contact with virus carriers at work, in public transport, shops, schools, classes and kindergartens. Due to a weakened immune system, the body cannot fight viruses. Due to constant illnesses, the body gets tired and ages faster.

AIRBIOTIC24 effectively fights infections, viruses and bad bacteria, protects the room from any attack by viruses and saves the body from fighting pathogens. Since there is no constant need to fight viruses, the immune system is restored and strengthened, life is extended by 20-30%.


Everyone knows how difficult it is to remove fungus and mold from bathrooms and toilets. It seems that cleaning requires the use of the strongest chemicals, which are dangerous to health and can irritate the skin. AIRBIOTIC24 significantly reduces the risk of fungal infections and the air becomes clean and fungus-free.

There are microorganisms in every apartment – bed and dust mites, which also cause allergic reactions: the skin is red and irritated, cracks, peels and itches unpleasantly, the nose runs, tears flow from the eyes and the sneezing does not want to stop.

AIRBIOTIC24 helps eliminate the dangers of allergies: in just two weeks, the number of bed and dust mites decreases five times, thanks to which the probability of allergy and asthma attacks decreases by 80%. You will get rid of allergies and asthma and you will be able to breathe deeply.


Unpleasant odors from the room can be eliminated safely, without using chemicals. Chemicals are difficult to completely wash off floors, bedding and containers, they deposit on pets’ coats and paws, and animals can get poisoned or chemically burned by licking themselves. When you use AIRBIOTIC24, the need to use chemicals disappears.

In addition to the disappearance of animal odors, AIRBIOTIC24 helps to remove other unpleasant odors in the room – from food, tobacco, garbage, sewage, repairs.

Fights harmful bacteria

Safe for children

Safe for pets

Does not irritate the mucous membrane, because it does not contain chemicals

AIRBIOTIC24 refill capsules contain:


They are used in cleaning with probiotics, they effectively remove various pollutants and reliably protect the health of humans, domestic animals and plants from various bacterial and viral diseases.


They create cellulases, proteases and keratinases that destroy dead skin scales, prevent fungal infections, relieve burns and inflammatory processes, eliminate food poisoning, lung and gastrointestinal diseases.


They produce antibiotics and amino acids that remove grease dirt and strengthen the immunity of humans and animals.


They secrete enzymes that destroy pathogenic bacterial and viral DNA chains.